About us

    "Diabetes Hope" foundation was founded in 19.03.1999 in accordance with Law nr.21/1924 and regulation nr.772/1924. Founding member of the foundation is Ms. Maria Angela Mesaros, which in present is the president of this foundation, and the president of Federation of Associations of Romanian Diabetes and vice chairman of the Romanian Federation of diabetes, metabolic diseases and nutrition. The entire activity of the foundation relies on volunteer work. Volunteers are people diagnosed with diabets or medical and social specialists.

    Foundation provides available services for an estimated 5,000 people diagnosed with diabetes or other chronic diseases in Turda, Campia Turzii and surrounding towns.                    

    The foundation operates throught two locations:

     - Turda, str. Republicii, nr. 15, tel: 0264-313013

      - Câmpia Turzii, str. Laminoriștilor, nr. 115

    Foundation "Diabetes Hope" is the founding member of the Romanian Federation of Diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases, founding member of Diabetes Federation of Associations of Romania, and holds the presidency from 2007.

    In March 19, 2009 federation  "Diabetes Hope" celebrates 10years of activity, and in all this time, together with all who were involved, have compaigned for the rights of pacients with chronic diseases, but particulary those diagnosed with diabetes, and manage to be heard the problems facing this patients.

    Foundation "Diabetes Hope" have organized meeting of the associations of patients in the all country, they have compaigned for their organization and recognizing the role of patient in the elaboration of public politics of health.

    In  10 years of activity, foundation members attended all the events where they could pull the alarm on the problems faced by people diagnosed with diabetes.

    In 2001 takes place in Turda, first meeting of the association of diabetes patients.

    The year 2006 is crucial in the work of the Foundation. In March, in Turda it was held a meeting of diabetes patients' associations, supported by the Romanian Federation of Diabetes Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases. On this occasion were identified needs facing people diagnosed with diabetes and it was sent an open letter to Minister of Public Health, requesting a meeting  to   discuss solutions that require.Although no meeting was held in 2006, National Diabetes Program comprised the vast majority of patient requests. It was a moment that gave us the certainty that we must  be united to promote the rights of the patient with diabetes and to militate for its quality of life.

    2007 was a year of negotiations, the multiple meetings with representatives of the  Ministry of Public Health,and  with other associations of patients. All of these have materialized in May 16, 2008 by signing a contract with the MSP in Tg. Mures.

    Discussions with representatives of the MSPs were construction, which has improved the National Diabetes Programme, enabling patient representatives to express views on their needs difficulties encountered in living with a chronic condition, and to see all the existing system failures that could be remedied. For the first time the voice of  our  patientswas heard by the members by those who can make decisions.

    This year 2009, year anniversary ,  all the actors involved in diabetes have met ich other.We want a long term strategy so that our patients with diabetes can have a normal life, remain active and useful part of the community.