Mission and objectives

By all its activities, the foundation promotes and defends the rights of peoplewith diabetes initiating the development of medical, social and educational services.

    Diabetes Hope Foundation offers the following services: 
  • Information Counselling to access health and social services
  • Counseling  on the condition of suffering and the specific diet
  • Support groups for individuals suffering from diabetes and their families
  • Counseling on use of glucometres and ways of self to prevent complications
  • Free glucometers and testing, according to sponsorship received
  • The self-help system - in case of crisis -providing drug debt between beneficiaries
  • Representation before the Commission for assessing the Disabled Adult
  • Steps to improve the National Programme for Diabetes
  • Social activities on several occasions
    Some of the proposed objectives:
  • Community awareness on the complex issue that has this condition
  • Ensure access to appropriate health and social services needs of each patient
  • Information, advice and guidance to the person with chronic conditions to the specialists to prevent the disability resulting from complications of diabetes 
  • Early identification of disease among the population and orientation to the  diabetoloc
  • Development of integration services, counseling and advice for sick person, his family and not least for the community.
  • Humanitarian Aid if is necesary.
    Beneficiaries of our services:
  • Children and young people diagnosed with diabetes aged 0-25 years
  • Adults with diabetes
  • Families of people diagnosed with diabetes
  • Individuals placed in degree of disability caused by complications of diabetes
  • People diagnosed with chronic disease