Diabetes has no cure but is treatable. With appropriate treatment plan can reduce or even prevent diabetes-related complications. Common treatments for diabetes is insulin injections, oral medications, diet and exercise. Cooperates closely with the medical team to create the best treatment plan for you. Over time, excess blood sugar can cause health problems.

    Diabetes was associated with:
  • Heart disease
  • seizures
  • heart attack
  • kidney problems
  • Damage to nerves
  • Digestive Problems
  • Diseases of the eye
  • Problems with teeth and gums can prevent health problems maintaining normal blood glucose levels through regular monitoring.
  •      The correct choice of food and constant physical activity is the first step. If you can not achieve normal blood sugar levels through diet and physical activity, your doctor may prescribe medications for diabetes. Type of medication depends on the types of diabetes, your program and other health conditions.

    A proper diet can keep us from diabetes

         Overweight and obesity increase the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and myocardial infarction or certain cancers. Obesity is associated, in particular, energy imbalance that occurs with excessive consumption of calories on physical activity sufficient drill.

         "Healthy eating consists of a consumption as low salt, sugar, concentrated sweets and avoiding alcohol. For the morning is mandatory and must contain one cup of milk or fruit juice and corn flakes. They may be replaced with roll in graham or a slice of black bread. Is not that indicated white bread, "says Juliet Cristescu, diabetes doctor. In regard to lunch, it must include" soup, main course and a fresh fruit .

         People who do not have the opportunity to serve lunch to ready meals have to "taste" even a sandwich and a natural fruit. Before dinner you should eat an apple.

          Dinner must contain "numerous vegetables. However, average consumption of daily calories should be about 2800 men and 2200 women. Physicians also recommends that, after dinner, to do a walk of about half an hour.

         Currently, worldwide there are approximately 194 million diabetics and this figure is expected to arrive in 2030 at 350 million. The latest international statistics, the world over one billion adults are overweight, of which at least 300 million are obese.